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I'm Jackie and I live in the North East of England with my husband John and our Border Collie Cassie. I'm originally from Canada but emigrated to the U.K. in 1992. I work full time in I.T. but spend a lot of my spare time making greetings cards which I really enjoy.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Haven't posted in a while

Have been neglecting my blog as of late so thought I'd best come and say hello.  I'm currently off work from my day job through sickness so if I'm not around much, that's why.

I'm still looking into potential venues for new Craft Fairs and have found a lovely one but I will need to hire the venue and do all the organising.  It's quite exciting but until I'm back to full fitness, it will have to wait a bit.  It's fairly available on weekends so even if it means waiting a few months I'm sure it will work as a future venue especially on the lead up to Christmas!

Web-site still doesn't appear to be taking off as I'd hoped but again that will take some time.  At least I'm well stocked up for the upcoming Craft Fairs and am looking forward to them.

Think that's about all for now so bye bye for now everyone.  Hope to have some more updates soon.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Well who'd have thought?

Well, today has been a good day for Greetings and Gifts!  I'd originally planned to have a 'home party' to show off the products from the web-site but a friend had managed to acquire one of the rooms in a local pub close to work so moved the sale to there! (Thanks Linda, you're a star)

Got to the pub about 4:30 with Linda and got everything set up ready.  A few of the girls from work came in as well as some of the regulars from the pub including the landlady and my good friend Rachel also popped in after work.

I don't think one person went away empty handed and it was a real success!  Still managed to be home about 7:30 so absolutely worth doing.  The landlord and landlady from the pub were happy as my customers were spending money at the bar so a win win situation for all of us really.  They are happy for me to do the same on a regular basis which is fantastic news!

Pat's lovely handpainted bookmarks were selling again, the bags, the butterfly scarves, the crystal heart scarves and the little leather coin purses all made their way to new homes as well as some of my cards and a couple of pairs of the music paper jewellery made by Rachel's friend Alix!

I'm really pleased that the whole range of products are selling.  It means I have the balance right of what I'm selling so I'm a very happy bunny today I must say.

Thanks to everyone who turned up and bought.  I'll need to restock some of the lines soon and watch out for the new range of Spanish pendant scarves and Leather/Suede handbags towards the end of the summer!  They are fantastic!!!!

Thanks again everyone!