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I'm Jackie and I live in the North East of England with my husband John and our Border Collie Cassie. I'm originally from Canada but emigrated to the U.K. in 1992. I work full time in I.T. but spend a lot of my spare time making greetings cards which I really enjoy.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Scarves are selling!

So now I have a box of cards at work and a selection of the 3 new lines of scarves!  Today 3 of the Butterfly scarves have sold and I've got orders for a handful of the elephant and heart ones.  Helps when I wore one to work today!

I've just found a selection of bags by the same wholesaler as the butterfly scarves and they're fab too so may well have to take some of the scarf profit and buy some bags!

The cards are still my first love and I'll always do them but I'm onto a winner with the scarves!

More cards sold in the office today, Mother's Day cards for the lads that have forgotten!

Off now for some well earned R&R  See you on Tuesday when I'm back from Amsterdam!

Here's a photo from the stall last weekend.  One of the other stallholders kindly sent it to me!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

New Scarves have arrived!

The scarves have arrived from the 2 new wholesalers and boy am I impressed. They are lovely colours.  The double scarves are either black/grey or grey/pink, the crystal ones are baby blue/baby pink/white/fuschia and the fabulous butterfly scarves are pistachio/fuschia/sand/silver grey/ivory/turquoise.

I'm sure they will all sell extremely well!  I already have to take one of each into work tomorrow so with any luck, I'll sell some and I'll have walking advertisements.

Looking forward to the next fair to test the market for them!

Not a lot else happening this week as I'm off to Amsterdam with the girls Friday and don't get back home until Monday morning. Absolutely exhausted and ready for a break.  Can't wait to hit the open air markets for a mooch about.

I took my leftover Mother's Day cards to work yesterday and sold quite a few to the people who had forgotten it was this weekend!  I love a captive audience of work colleagues!

Pics follow of the new scarves!

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Absolutely worn out but Craft Fair was a success!

Hello all,

Well I survived today and it went well. It was definitely a scarf day followed by cards and then by bookmarks though!  I was disappointed that Pat's lovely bookmarks didn't do better but I'll take them to the next Fair and we're already plotting about new designs of local landmarks!  Thanks Pat!!

I am really pleased about the scarves though, so pleased that i've come home and found another local wholesaler who does some really different designs that I've never seen before.  Watch this space, they should arrive next week.  Fantastic colours too!

Mother's Day cards went well as expected and a few people went away with my business cards so that's great too.  The new stall looked fab so I no longer look like the poor relation LOL

I've also had a lot of interest from craft sellers if the shop does go ahead.  Pretty much good news all around today.

Off now for a well earned rest.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Last blog until after the Craft Fair on Saturday!

Well everyone, I'm as ready as I'll ever be for the Craft Fair on Saturday.  Everything's packed except for a last few minute bits and pieces including my flask of coffee and my picnic!  Have to keep the strength up!

I was speaking to the girl who runs the fair yesterday and she has 15 tables booked and a handful waiting for cancellations which is great news as it looks like the room will be filled to capacity!With any luck word of mouth will mean these are a successful monthly event! 

My idea of having a box of cards at work for that 'oh no, I've forgotten someone's birthday' moment that we all have is working too.  My little payment jar is rattling nicely!

So, that's it for me until Sunday.  Here's hoping my next blog is to tell you all that Pat's lovely bookmarks, my cards and the fantastic scarves have all sold out and I'm back to creating for the next fair!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Still preparing for the Craft Fair

Well I'm still getting the last things together for the Craft Fair.  Hubby has done some fluorescent signs that won't be missed and Pat's lovely bookmarks have turned up in the post today!  They're absolutely fab and I'm sure will sell well.

I've taken a sample of the scarves to work and all the girls like them so I'm pleased about that.  With any luck everything will sell well.

Rain is forecast for Saturday but as long as it doesn't start until people are in town and need somewhere to stay dry, we should be fine!

Still moving along with the plans for the shop but just gathering information at present.  Will need to speak to some of the sellers at the Craft Fair to see if they would be interested in having their goods in a shop if it was available!  Still haven't had that huge hurdle to stop us yet so we'll keep planning and hope one day soon it will happen.  I'm sure if it's meant to be it will be!

Taking the week off making new cards as I have plenty ready for the fair and a good selection on the web-site now http://www.crafti-cardz.jigsy.com/

i've also put an ad in Trading Places on our intranet at work so fingers crossed for all of the above!

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Been a busy weekend!

Well it's been a busy weekend so haven't posted since Thursday!  Was out after work Friday and yesterday was busy getting the last things together for this coming Saturday's craft fair!

The stall is going to look good I must say.  Much better than last time.  Found some funky collapsible boxes and have some new plate stands to use for the cards.  We're going all pink and purple so think it will be effective.

Hubby is currently adding more cards to the web-site so there's a lovely selection of Mother's Day cards to choose from!

The scarves have arrived and I must say I'm really pleased with the selection.  Must remember not to buy them all myself or there will be no profit at all!

Just Pat's lovely bookmarks to arrive now and we're all set for Saturday.  I'm really looking forward to this one, especially with the new products.

More cards being produced today as I have a lovely new selection of toppers and ribbons.  Feeling creative so will take advantage of it.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Today it's Mother's Day Cards!

Hello all,

Managed to do a few new Mother's Day cards today after the day job and pleased with the results.  These ones are going up for sale on the web-site when the webmaster (hubby) gets them scanned!

I've got a box of cards in the office now too for those last minute 'oh no I forgot someone's birthday/anniversary/wedding' days!  Never one to miss an opportunity!

I guess I better get my finger out this weekend and sort the rest of the cards for next weekend's craft fair as well.  Not before a well earned meal out with the girls from work tomorrow though.

I had a lovely message from someone in the U.S. this morning asking if I'd ship cards over there and the answer of course is YES!  So pleased that people like my work, it makes it all worthwhile.

So the plan for the craft fair is everyone has to buy a scarf, Mother's Day card and hand painted bookmark.  There's your Mother's Day present for under £20.  Now only if it works that way!

Fingers crossed.  Well, time for relaxation now so that's it from me for today!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

A rather exciting day!

First of all, Cassie seems absolutely fine today after her fit yesterday and although the vet wants to alter her medication we are still hopeful about controlling the frequency and getting her liver function back under control as the meds are currently causing the liver to struggle.  She's currently upside down on the floor sound asleep with a tummy full of biscuits so is coping well!

Once again, no new cards today but I've managed to talk my lovely friend Pat Elliott into making me some hand painted laminated book marks to take to my next craft fair on March 26th.  I've just had a sneak preview and they are beautiful.  They will definitely make lovely Mother's Day presents along with a handmade Crafti Cardz Mother's Day card of course!

I've also managed to source some of those lovely trendy scarves with the jewellery in the middle.  A cross between a scarf and a necklace and they will be selling for a very good price.  Again wonderful gifts for Mother's Day.

We've also had a bit of a result with a potential shop and the costs are looking favourable.  I'd love to stock it full of all my friends handmade gifts so if any of you would be interested, let me know!  I'm just trying to see whether we can manage to do this!  I must say the idea is really beginning to take hold.

So I think today would be considered a good day for Crafti Cardz, even if the day job interrupted my creative processes!

Many thanks to my wonderful hubby who's been working on the web-site while looking after Cassie, doing his own day job and trying to get shop details!  He's a star!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

No card making today

Hello all,

Was back at my day job today so no new cards have been created.Sometimes it just isn't a creative day and today definitely isn't!  My mum did, however, deliver some lovely bits for new cards which she found on her travels so they will be put to good use when the creative juices are flowing again!

It's been a long day which included our darling Cassie (border collie) having a fit.  :-(  We've been dealing with her epilepsy for 3 years and it's not a nice thing to see.  Thankfully she knows nothing about it and wonders what all the fuss is about after. It's us who suffer and hubby was home by himself when it happened which made me feel completely useless from my office desk.

I was, however, greeted by a smiling waggy dog when I got home although a bit bleary eyed from her meds.  She has a tummy full of chicken and is having a well deserved sleep on the nice cool kitchen floor, bless her.

Think I deserve my feet up in front of the T.V. tonight which is where I am and intend to stay.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Brain's been working overtime today...scary thought!

Well folks,

It's me again and my brain has been working overtime today.  I've been mulling over a fledgling idea for a business for sometime now and it seems to be getting a bit closer to becoming a reality.

I did my first craft show a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it.  Enjoyed meeting the other crafters as well and saw some lovely handmade creations.  Between that and all of the lovely crafty people's things on the social networking sites, a little idea has been forming in my head.

There's a shop for let in the town I work in which is crying out for an arty/crafty/gifty kind of shop.  It's a market town which has coach tours stop there for comfort breaks on a regular basis which is a captive audience if I ever saw one.

I've been having a mull about it with my husband and some close friends and think this may just be an opportunity waiting to happen.

My idea is to sell my cards but also other people's handmade things as well.  May come to nothing but I can't see any reason not to give it a go at this point.

Watch this space, you never know, it may just happen!

Who I am

Well folks,

I'm Jackie and am the proprietor of Crafti Cardz.  I started creating handmade greetings cards on a whim really and have since realised I'm actually quite good at it.

I spent some time off work last year through illness and the more I recovered, the more bored I became with daytime TV.

My mum reminded me that I used to enjoy doing ceramics and maybe I should try and find a craft I could do at home to keep my brain active.

I went to a  local shop and bought a few bits and pieces to get me started and decided if it wasn't for me then I hadn't really spent a lot.

I found myself really enjoying what I was doing and started building up a stock of cards for all occasions.

I soon found my 'style' and have recently started visiting the local craft fares with my cards which I also enjoy immensely.

There is now a web-site and business cards and although I may never become a millionaire through my card making, I get great satisfaction from what I do.