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I'm Jackie and I live in the North East of England with my husband John and our Border Collie Cassie. I'm originally from Canada but emigrated to the U.K. in 1992. I work full time in I.T. but spend a lot of my spare time making greetings cards which I really enjoy.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

New stock still arriving!

Got Liesl's lovely jewellery in the post today so I'm looking forward to selling it along with the new bags which arrive on Monday.

I went through to one of the local pubs today as the landlady wanted a preview of the products.  I sold her one of the lovely leather purses, a bag and one of the butterfly scarves before she goes off to Vegas tomorrow on holiday!  Well worth the trip through to see her.

I then spent a lovely couple of hours in a local beer garden for some lunch and a few cheeky glasses of wine with the girls.  Still managed to make it home in profit too! LOL  All in all a productive Saturday afternoon.  Good job I did the shopping this morning!

So now all I'm waiting for is the shipment of bags and my new business cards and banner for the first fair on Easter Sunday!  Onwards and upwards!

The following photo is one of Liesl's beautiful pieces.  May just have to keep this one for myself!


  1. Well done on selling to the landlady and not re-spending it all straight back :lol:
    The new jewellery looks fab! xx